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Monday, March 11, 2013

We are soooooo ready for Kindergarten!

Lunch at the Zoo!
       Well, I can't believe that we are only a quarter away from my students graduating preschool and moving on to Kindergarten!  It makes me so happy, yet so sad to see them leave me!  I have seen such great things from these students over the past few months when I've been able to be their teacher.  The skills that they've gained and the learning that has taken place has been crazy awesome!  I love teaching this age because you can see their growth each and every day.  It's amazing!  I have the best job in the world!
      A few things we have done over the past few weeks  have involved our "Stars of the Week" and a great field trip to the zoo!  That was a lot of fun seeing these kids absorbing all they see at the zoo.  The weather was perfect and the animals were out, loving the sunshine!  What a fabulous field trip!!!
       We have been busy working on our last few letters of the alphabet and one of my favorite weeks was Timothy Tiger's week.  We actually had him visit our classroom and teach us all sorts of words that begin with his letter.  We sang his favorite number songs (2 & 10) and he even danced a little.  We painted with tire tracks, brushed vampire teeth with toothbrushes and "toothpaste", decorated spring trees with popcorn as blossoms, and had a monster truck race game!  All of these hands-on activities are making concrete connections to these preschooler's brains, not just for the letter name and sounds, but also for critical thinking, fine & large motor, and social skills as well.  This is the best age for these kiddos to explore and absorb all the things they see, feel and hear each day!
Timothy Tiger Visits!
Tire Track Art

Dr. Welch teaching us how to take care of our Teeth!

We had Dr. Welch come for a visit during our Timothy Tiger Week and taught us about our teeth.  He is a pediatric dentist and was so great with the kids.  They just loved him to pieces!  He taught them the good and bad things to eat and do for our teeth.  What a fun day!  Thank you Dr. Welch!!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Having fun in the forest room with Miss Nelay!

We have been very busy in the two year old classroom, we have learned color magic by mixing two colors together to make the colors pink, purple and orange.  All of the preschoolers enjoyed getting to mix the colors and watch it change into the magic color.

We also have been doing a "cooking show" where I set up a demonstration table and all the preschoolers sit in the audience to watch me make a fun recipe.  All of the preschoolers have loved watching and getting to try all of the yummy treats we have made.  We have made birds nest, pineapple frozen yogurt and quesodillas.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ms. Gillian's PM 3s

What a busy few weeks we have had!
Having lots and lots of fun  - that's what we do best in our 3 year old room have fun, fun, fun :)

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Valentines Day -  The kiddos had a blast making all sorts of love hearts - from gluing, painting, stamping, sorting, counting them!  Each child brought in a treat for their friends, and they just loved handing them out at circle time, was so cute to see all their little faces light up as their baskets filled up :)  The preschoolers finished off their Valentines week enjoying the yummy cookies they had decorated!

We moved onto our  'Opposites' unit the following week.  We started off the week with our black and white gluing.  We also used rough and smooth paint to make finger painting master pieces!  As well as using big and small circles to make fun prints!  The kiddos had the best time on our mini obstacle course but the favorite this week was our opposite music and movement time – where we were going fast/slow, high/low, loud/quiet, in/out….. They wanted to do it over and over again!

Imagine Tomorrow Logo - Where Learning Clicks
We also had Puterbugs computer class come into our classroom and all the children took part in a trial class of computers.  This went down a treat the kiddos loved playing around on the computers and were learning as they played!

We finished off this week having the best time at our annual school wide field trip to Phoenix Zoo.  All the kiddos had a fab time seeing all the animals with their friends, while enjoying our wonderful spring weather :).