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Friday, November 29, 2013

We hope you had a

Happy Thanksgiving! 

We did!  

MWF Thanksgiving Feast

Our circle time was spent talking about what we are thankful for, and reading a book about Courderoy's Thanksgiving (a little Teddy Bear).  Some of the kids are thankful for kitties, some for their Halloween costumes (I remember one said Firefighter clothes and another said Spiderman).  Most were thankful for treats and candy when I suggested those and everybody shouted "yes!" when I suggested Moms and Dads!

TTh Thanksgiving Feast

We had a lot of fun with Ms. Sherrie in Singing Time singing about Tom the Turkey and practicing our numbers and colors and also rehearsing for our Christmas Program.

TTh Singing Time

I am thankful for beautiful, sweet, entertaining kids that I get to see every week, who teach me so much and who are so fun to watch learning and changing and discovering new things.  They are constantly surprising me by how much they know, and how quick they pick things up.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We are doing great learning to create our letters using our Handwriting Without Tears big and little lines. L was our first letter.

Tooth brushing! We loved learned all about our teeth. We had some giant teeth from a dental lab which we were able to brush to a sparkling shine.

We love using all different types of media. We created teeth with our minty play-doh.
Floam is one of our favorite things to use. I think maybe more ended up on the bottom of our shoes than in our sculptures!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ms. Dessie's PreK Classes Keep on Learning

The last few months in Ms. Dessie's classes have brought some new and exciting learning opportunities.  We have had visits from firemen and a dentist, teaching us how to be safe and healthy.  We have been able to have a field trip to a grocery store and do some "shopping."  At the Fry's grocery store we even got to go in back and see the deep freeze section, pet a lobster, sample some foods and our favorite...using the scanner to check out our items, just like a grown-up!  Thank you Fry's!  

We have been sampling some interesting foods lately.  Green eggs and ham for G week was a surprise because most students liked them.  The big hit though in the food area was the homemade ice cream we made in the bag.  We shook and  shook the ingredients until we had our frozen treat.  YUM! We have also sampled grapes, and jams.  We love to graph our results and talk about words like most, least, fewer and favorite.

In handwriting, we have completed learning all our capital letters that start at the corner and are on to finishing up the alphabet.   Once the capitals are conquered then it is on to the lower case letters. We have also learned how to write our numbers 1-9 now!  Most exciting is to see students be able to start sounding out CVC words.  I like to  remind the students that they are really reading and they love to figure out all the sounds in the words.   We are getting so ready for Kindergarten and we love it!

Tasting Green Eggs and Ham for G Week.  Most of the kids tried them and would eat them again!

Getting to pet a real lobster at our Fry's Field trip.

Learning about how to take care of our teeth...brush, brush, brush!

Using the scanner to check out our items at Fry's.

"Shopping" at Fry's.

Feeling very grown-up when checking out.