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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Our First Field Trip!
The Arctic Room

This month PreK took their first field trip to Schnepf Farms! We had so much fun picking veggies, taking a train ride through the farm and visited the petting zoo!
We saw cows, pigs, goats, chicken, peacocks and even deer. We picked fresh arugula that I hope everyone went home and tasted!

We learned all about a working farm and how many hours and people it takes to run a farm. We also learned how important it is for our grocery stores and communities to have working farms close by!

Our Whole Crew

The Class!

Train Ride!

 Boys and the petting zoo!

Brushing the goats!

Finn being silly with a goat!

Brayden, Finnegan, and Mason

We can't wait for our next field trip to the grocery store!

Fall in the Arctic Room!

We have had a busy fall in the Arctic Room! We did many fall activities and enjoyed a huge Thanksgiving feast! The students really enjoyed making our Thanksgiving table and telling one another everything they were thankful for! We even made homemade butter to share with our school!

Pilgrim and Native American Masks!

Agnes and Lizzy!

Thanksgiving projects: Q-tip painting and Seed Sorting

Thanksgiving Feast with our class! We had rolls, cheese cubes, oranges, cranberries, popcorn, turkey, pumpkin pie and apple juice! Yum!

Making Butter!
The kids loved shaking the mason jar and trying to turn the heavy cream into butter! Everyone wanted seconds on their rolls!

Shake, Shake, Shake!

We had a busy fall in the Arctic Room and can't wait for all the fun around the holidays!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Ms. Amy & Ms. Becky T/TH 3's Class in the Forest Room

Hello from the Forest Room! Our 3's class is enjoying the holiday season. We LOVE hands on learning and we LOVE to get messy and play with our friends. We have a great class and sure adore teaching these amazing kiddos!

 Handwriting without tears - we practice building our letters and  numbers and then trace them. 

 Double Super Power (or is it Double Trouble?)!

We love painting! 

 Free Play time give the kids time to interact with each other, use their imaginations to pretend and discover our classroom

 Practicing our fine motor skills with scissors in the sensory bin, doing puzzles and playing with playdough

 Learning to count by matching the pom poms to the dots

Birthday girl this month

A few pictures from our Thanksgiving Celebration - the cutest little Pilgrims ever! 

We love reading books!

Whole Group Science - so fun to see what happens to the colors when the vinegar is put on the baking soda!