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Monday, March 27, 2017

Mrs. Nettie's M/W/F A.M. Class

When children come home
At the end of the day,
There's a question they're asked 
As they scurry to play.

"Tell me, what did you do in school today?"
"Nothing. I did nothing today!"

Perhaps nothing means that I played with blocks.
Tied my own shoes, or found beautiful rocks.
Maybe the monarchs hatched today.
Or maybe I found a new friend to play.

Maybe today was the very first time
My scissors followed a very straight line.
Perhaps I learned a new song,
and sang all the words,
Or touched a feather from the strangest of birds.

When you're in preschool and your heart has wings,
"Nothing" can mean some wonderful things!

I chose this poem to share because it reminded me of what my children told me when they came home from school :) 

Let's take a peek at what "nothing" looks like in our classroom :)

Donuts with Dads and Mom's :) 

 I hoped you enjoyed a quick few special moments in our classroom :)

Mrs. Nettie and Mrs. Audra 

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Space Room has been soaring to new heights again!  
We have been trying new things and 
celebrating what we have been learning.  
Take a peek at what has been happening in our part of the galaxy!
YEAH!  We are a hundred days smarter!  Celebrating a 100 days of Preschool!

Our 100 days of Preschool Poster! Each person glued on ten different items to make 100.
We earned 50 stars  as a class for extra good deeds and behavior and had a "Volcano party" to celebrate.
We made and painted clay volcanoes and erupted them, much to our delight!
Give us any supplies and we will build and create to our heart's content.  

                                                  STEM is for girls, too!  Even when carrying a purse:)
In celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday and our "G" activities we tried some green eggs and ham!
It is a Thumbs Up for green eggs and ham!

Say, the Space Room like green eggs and ham and will eat them anywhere!
Everyone tried the green eggs and liked them!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Springtime fun in the Jungle Room

On February 2nd we let our ladybugs go free!  It was exciting to leave the classroom and wait outside.  Some of them didn't want to fly away and so we set them on some leaves.  

We love to work on our fine motor skills playing with play dough and building with blocks.

We had a visit from the Dental Hygienist.  She told us all about sugar bugs and how to brush our teeth.  Everyone went home with a toothbrush too!

Doughnuts with Dad was a very fun time.  We loved having our dads come and visit our classroom.  Here are a few pictures with our dads. 

Reading stories is one of our favorites.  We celebrated Dr. Seuss Week and we had some  special guest readers come in and read us "Green Eggs and Ham."  They did a great job!

We love to make patterns!

Here is Hat Day and Crazy Hair Day for Spirit Week~

We worked really hard on filling up our jar of warm and fuzzies.  How do we fill the jar?  By helping, being kind, listening, and sitting nicely in circle time.  Overtime we fill the jar we get to choose a fun activity.  And this time the kids chose a balloon party!  
We turned on music and let the fun begin!

Practicing beginning sounds all by ourselves is helping us get ready for kindergarten. 

Some more classroom fun. We always love painting, pretend play, and puzzles.  Learning is so much fun!