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Friday, April 21, 2017

Lions, Tigers and Bears...oh my! Zoo fun in the Forest Room with Ms. Amy & Ms. Becky's 3's Class

This week our class learned all about the ZOO. The students had fun creating their own zoo animals and animal habitats with paint, playing with zoo animals and even pretending to be different zoo animals.


 The kids loved pretending to bend like a giraffe and do the "Giraffe Limbo".
How low can you go?

 We ended our week with a field trip to the Phoenix Zoo!


 It was HOT day at the zoo...but thank goodness for the splash pad to help us cool off!

 And don't forget Stingray Bay! So fun to feel the backs of the Stingray

Remember - don't feed the wild animals...
but please come back and visit our classroom again soon!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Mrs. Luciana, Mrs Kristine, Ms. Madison & Mrs. Roberta - Farm Room

 Fun times at the Farm Room
The kids had been learning a lot.
Letters, Numbers & Shapes are their favorites and they are rocking it!!!
Here are some pictures of when we were learning the "Life Circle of a Butterfly"
We made caterpillars using grapes and the kids had so much fun.

When we finally had "Butterflies" the kids were very excited, as you can see on their faces..

Last week we learned about Instruments.
The kids were matching the colors on the "Xylophone".
Look how perfect they are doing using the glue. What a great fine motor skills!

Another Instrument we made... Shakers!
We used cups and beans and decorated the Shakers with Shapes Stickers.

During Arts, we got to paint with water bottles

We love to have fun during Free Play!
We dance, we play with playdoh and we love to play as a group.