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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Adventures in Space (room)

The PreK Space room is off to great adventures 
and soaring high!  
We are enjoying getting to know each other and learning together. 
We have started the FUNdations program and it so exciting to see the students "echo" the sounds and letters. We have also added our Estimation Jar weekly. This is something that the students look forward to when it is their turn. 
In addition, a class pet came to our room and has already escaped on us.  We have a hermit crab that we are calling "Bee Sting,"  because of the bumble bee on its shell. The crab escaped the first night in our room and the next morning we could not find it anywhere.  We had multiple people searching, all rooms.  It is a mystery how it escaped and got out of the container.  It was found way far away for a crab near the kitchen area by the cleaning crew over the weekend and was returned to its home in the Space room.  It had survived.  But our class had a fun time writing a story of what happened to "Bee Sting" and how it escaped.  
We are "writing" a collection of class stories.  The students have great imaginations and love to read the stories, we collaboratively write as a class.  
Our class learning motto is 
"To Infinity and Beyond" 
and we are well on our way!
Some dramatic play of having "dinner" together.

We also love to play going to the store and shop.
The "store owner" asked each buyer to produce their card so she could run it!
Our class aliens!
PreK in the Arctic Room!

We are off to a great start in PreK at Chandler! We love the new school and we are having so much fun getting to know each other! The students are loving playing with blocks, reading and doing small groups and centers!

 Loving the Blocks!!

 More building and pattern blocks!

 The class is loving the reading corner. I have filled the shelves with all things Arctic and they can't get enough!

Small groups and centers are filled with all sorts of hands on learning! The students love using all the art materials, learning math from Mrs. Debbie, and writing on the white boards to practice their letters. They all work together so well and we have so much fun!

Howdy from the Ranch Room!

T/Th pm with Ms. Suzi and Ms. Carrie

We've had a great start to our new school year!  We love to see our new friends everyday.  Our class loves to play dress up, do science experiments and work together.  So far this year, we've been learning about ourselves, our new friends, our birthdays and our classroom.  Here are a few pictures of our adventures together.  It's going to be a great year!

Free art project.  We love to dress up in our western clothes!
Decorating our bodies

Snack time is a favorite.  Good food and great friends!

We love to make messes!

Making puppets of our families

Face magnets.  Can you make a crazy face?

I love my orange hair! It makes me ME!

Our pet hermit crabs.  Can you see him in the green shell? He crawled up the side of the cage near the top!

We're baking birthday cakes!

Super chef!

Fun in the kitchen

I'm a pilot!

We pick a job every day!

More snack time friends

Look how many bananas I ate! Yum!

Taste testing birthday cake.  We used all of our senses to decide which is our favorite.

Chocolate wins!  With lemon as a close second. 

Welcome to the Ocean Room

MWF with Ms. Suzi and Ms. Myrna

We've had a fun start to the year learning about ourselves, our new friends, and our classroom.  We like to make messes and we're very good at cleaning them up again as a team!  We even had worms visit our classroom.  Here are a few of the fun things we've done so far.

Balloon Painting

Playdough fun

New Friends

Shaving cream letters

Favorite place to play - under the castle

Reading time after snack

Reading with a friend

Look what we made!

More balloon painting


Look how long this one is!

Close up with the magnifying glass

Our bodies

Decorating our bodies. 

How many fingers do you have?

Meet the teacher night with our class hermit crab.