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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ms. Suzi's Ranch and Ocean Rooms

It's hard to believe we're coming down to the last few weeks of the school year.  I have been so fortunate to teach 2 classes made up of 21 of the most wonderful little people.  We have had our ups and downs this year. Our kind hearted Ms. Myrna took leave to fight (and win) her battle with cancer, our soft spoken and lovely Ms. Carrie left us unexpectedly, but, we also had amazing assistants to take their places.  Ms. Esmeralda, Ms. Gretchen and Ms. Shania stepped right in to teach, love, and treasure your little treasures!  Thank you for trusting us with your children.  This is such a special time of wonder and discovery.  A time when your children are home with you more than at school.  They have stepped up to the challenges we gave them in the short time we were together.  They have explored, discovered, built, read, added, subtracted, counted, laughed, made friends, played, learned, talked, shared, listened, written, colored, painted, created, and so much more!  This is my last blog post this year.  I am so proud of how much these little friends of mine have progressed this year.  I  count myself blessed to be a part of TotSpot and a part of your lives!  Now, let's see what they've been up to!


Did you know??
Earthworms breathe through their skin.
You can cut them in half and both halves keep living.
They don't have eyes or ears.

This was a fun discovery day.  Some loved our class visitors and others discovered that they didn't want to touch them.  And then they did and it wasn't as bad as they thought!


Our theme weeks are always so much fun and a change from the norm.  We still do art, science, math, language arts, reading and writing, but it all ties into our fun holiday theme.

If you've followed my other blog postings, you'll know that my classes LOVE science experiments!  We try to do them as often as we can and the favorites often involve a little baking soda and vinegar.  Who wouldn't want to watch something bubble up and erupt over and over again?!?

In this experiment, we put a jelly bean in water and another one in vinegar.  Which one's color bled the most?  The one in the water. (So, I guess it's true that you should wash your new dark blue jeans in vinegar to keep them from fading.) After the experiment, we added baking soda to the vinegar cup just for fun.  Always a hit!

Egg hunting.  It's so hard to only count to 6 when you're so excited!

A soft and fuzzy visit from the Easter Bunny!

Together we made bunny chow.  It was fun and delicious!

Getting ready for the ZOO!

Here you'll see our brave safari hunters searching for zoo animals hidden in our classroom! 

 We used animal rulers to measure different zoo animals

 What's the missing first letter of our zoo animals?  We've worked hard this year learning our letters, sounds, capital vs. lowercase, rhyming, beginning sounds, blends, CVC words and more! 

It's ZOO Day!

 We were having so much fun learning about the animals, that I forgot to take more pictures.  It was a really fun day and even more fun getting ready for it!

Thank you for following our journey together this year. 
A few more weeks and we'll be off to Kindergarten!