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Friday, May 13, 2016

Tooth Fairy, Zoo & Mother's Day from the T/TH Ranch Room

I can't believe this is our last blog post of the year! We have had such an amazing year and the progress that all of the students have made is incredible!

I have LOVED getting to know your children and look forward to staying in touch and hearing all about their kindergarten year!

Our last blog post will be pictures of when the tooth fairy visited our class, the zoo field trip & our class Mother's Day celebration!

The tooth fairy was a very cool experience, the students loved learning about teeth and how long to brush and floss. I really think they just liked dressing up:)

The zoo was another great day! Some of us were able to meet up and take some pictures together before splitting up to go explore on our own:)

Mother's Day was so fun! Our students made their Mommy a painted flower pot with a beautiful flower as well as an "All About My Mommy" poem! The best part was being able to do Mom's hair!

Thanks for stopping by our T/TH Ranch Room blog! We hoped you enjoyed your glimpse into our classroom!

Thank you to all the parents in our class! We really appreciate you and look forward to hearing all about how Kindergarten is going next year:)

-Mrs. Tess & Mrs. Theresa

See Ya Later Pre-K!

We are just about finished with Pre-K!  I can't believe that its almost over.  We have had such a great couple of weeks leading up to the end of the  year fun!  Check out some of the highlights of our past couple of weeks!
Y is for Yarn! Cutting  yarn is a great strength builder for little hands!

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Muffins for Moms! We loved our moms coming and playing with us while we spoiled them with food, make overs and song.

Welcome to our ABC Celebration snack!  We got to eat the alphabet this week.  We had such great parent donations, and we were able to have a bite of food items that started with all the letters of the alphabet.  This was a day to remember!

Their favorites were the sweets of course!

As we are closing out the year, I want to reflect and say how proud I am of these classes.  They have had a lot of change this year and have been so flexible and patient.  I am so grateful that I have been able to get to know these kiddos.  They will have a special place in my heart as they go on their separate ways, growing, learning, experiencing, creating, and becoming themselves.  I wish I could be able to see what they grow up and become.  I see so many possibilities in their eyes.  I wish them all the good luck next year, wherever they may be, and I will remember them and their love.   

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Camping Week in the Forest Room!

What a great school year this has been!  It is hard to believe we are down to our last 2 weeks of school. Where has the time gone?  The children have been working so hard reviewing letters, numbers, colors and shapes.  They also have been writing their names without name cards, cutting with scissors using the correct grip, turning the paper and cutting on the lines.  

This week was all about camping and it was a fun week.  We ate s'mores, played in a real tent and roasted pretend marshmallows.  

These are a few of the projects we made this week. We even made our own campfire and fireflies, They are such good listeners during circle time and the children really enjoyed math animal graphing and seeing which forest animal would win.

We had so much fun playing with our friends.  The children love play time.

We had a muffins for Moms celebration.  We made special gifts for our Moms, sang them a special song and got to share treats with them.  It was so fun having our Moms in our classroom.

Here we are roasting our pretend marshmallows.  The children thought this was so fun we even sang campfire songs.

Here we are working with dobbers and playing camping Bingo.

We have been working so hard all year learning how to write our letters.  The children are doing so good with their writing. We are so proud of how far they have come.

We ended our week eating sticky, gooey s'mores.  As you can see from the children's faces and hands, they really enjoyed them.  This was a great way to end a very fun week.