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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter has arrived in the Forest Room! Ms Laree's 3 year old class

Winter is one of my favorite themes!  I just love science and the kids love it too.  We were able to physically experience winter with our very own snowstorm in the classroom complete with hats, gloves and scarves!

Getting ready for the snow/shaved ice

It's snowing!

Another fun science activity is slime.  This slime is special because it is made with insta-snow.  This snow slime was very popular!
super fun snow slime

more snow slime

Definitely a favorite!

We discussed what happens in the winter.  We made our very own pretend snow to play with too. We learned about winter animals and that some animals hibernate during the winter.

Loving the insta-snow

More snow (:

Penguins are fun animals.  In art we made penguins and for math we counted out fish to feed to our penguins (with a focus on #6).  During circle time we walked like penguins.
Penguin art
Penguin art
Penguin math
Penguin math
Fun tower building (:
We talked about the letter O all week.  We worked on our handwriting practicing the letter O and our names.  We practice writing our names everyday.
Letter O handwriting practice and name practice.


Everyone was able to experience opposites with hot cocoa and shaved ice during snack time. I was surprised that not all the kiddos liked the hot cocoa.  The shaved ice was the favorite. 

I hope my class had as much fun as I did last week experiencing winter in our classroom! 

I just love these kids!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Happenings with Ms. Gabi's Pre K Class

The Jungle Room Native Americans and Ocean Room Pilgrims joined together for a Thanksgiving feast. We ate turkey, rolls, cranberries, popcorn and pumpkin pie by "candlelight" and had a wonderful time.

Thanksgiving feasts take a lot of preparation! We loved making mini pumpkin pies and shaking cream into fresh butter.


Other November happenings...

We do lots of hand washing in class during cold season!

Bristle blocks and other group activities promote fine-motor skills as well as cooperation.

We loved making individual aquariums!

The children love scissor skills practice. Favorite items to snip include: straws, paint chips, strips of paper and strings of beads.

We have become a great group of friends!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Winter Fun & Learning in Ms. Sara's 3's Class!

Circle time!

Handwriting Without Tears
We love building each letter with the wooden pieces!

Next, we practice writing the letter ourselves!

Then we practice writing our name by ourselves!

Fun during music time with Ms. Kim!

Counting & sorting with snowballs and marshmallows during math! 


We are having fun and learning at the same time!

 We also have fun making art projects!

Painting with ice cubes!

Building Snowmen
Painting snow with bubble wrap!

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

We had fun playing a matching game using snowflakes,

And then melting ice cubes with salt water

Frozen Treasures Inside!

Music & Movement before it is time to go!

Walk like a penguin!

The "Reindeer Pokey!"

We have made so many new friends and have

 a ton of fun learning new things together each day!