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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Having fun in Ms. Monica's 3 Year Old Class

We had a wonderful time with our letter W and wiggly worms. We each got to take some home to put into the soil around our flowers and plants.

This past week our focus was seeds and flowers. We learned how a seed becomes a flower. We discovered the many parts of a flower and what each part does to help the flower grow.  This is our class flower shop. They made wonderful floral creations and sold them for the affordable price of one hug or magically invisible money. They were so creative!
Caterpillars to Butterflies unit. We learned all about Metamorphosis. The children were caterpillars that munched their way around the classroom. Here they are wrapped up in their chrysalis' waiting to become butterflies. Our little friend to the left is just emerging and getting his wings to work. 

The butterflies flew around the classroom to find flowers and get a sip of nectar.
We had an EGGciting Easter week. We did several experiements with eggs and did our own Easter eggs dying pr
ojects. When we got ready for our class Easter egg hunt. We practiced counting to six and each of the children took 6 eggs to hide. I explained that they should put each egg in a different spot in the classroom. I gave them many ideas of places that would be great "hiding spots."  I turned them loose to do their hiding magic and this is Easter egg hiding 3 to 4 year old style. Can you find any eggs???

Radar, our class pet, continues to be a special part of our class. The children look forward to feeding him fresh hay everyday and keeping him stocked with plenty of water. He happily squeeks and interacts with each child.  When we did our unit on vegetables they shared some carrots and celery with him. They have become a very responsible class.

Monday, April 15, 2013

We are Having a BLAST in Pre-K!!

    We are really close to finishing up our Preschool year!  With only a few weeks left, we are having a blast finishing up our Alphabet Stars of the Week!  
     After Spring break, we enjoyed a week of Easter Celebrations!  We found Easter Eggs and graphed them, used shaving cream and food coloring to swirl our eggs, and made bunnies out of envelopes!  We really enjoyed that week! 
Shaving Cream Swirl Eggs!!!
     After Easter, we found Umber Umbrella, (which is actually a real bird...we watched a video of it in action!) and worked on many Uu words!  Umbrellas,  underground, up, uniforms and many other words were discussed and then "played" with during centers!  They also loved talking about Uu's different sounds...long and short!  Our Show-n-Tell was amazing!!  
Show - n -Tell Uu!  Amazing!
      We have also finished up Ww - Willie Weasel - and loved playing and petting our pet worms in our sensory tub!  I was so proud that many of them were so very brave to touch the worms!  We watched them like scientists, observing and recording them.  We also explored watermelons and even got to plant our own to take home and watch grow!  The last couple of weeks have been so much fun!  I love being a part of their learning!  


And More Worms!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Summer School Registration is going on now!