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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ms. Theresa and Ms. Connie's P.M. Forest Room

January has been an exciting month in our classroom we have been learning all about dinosaurs and pond life take a look at all we have done.

We had such a fun time learning all about dinosaurs.  How some were meat eaters and some were plant eaters.  How they all looked different and that they are now extinct.

The class really enjoyed making there dinosaur fossils during our small group time.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Mrs. Nicole, Ms. Connie & Mrs. Tasha’s AM Jungle Class!

Take a look back to last Fall in the morning Jungle class with Mrs. Nicole, Connie & Tasha!

We’re cruising right along in the Jungles class!  We’ve been having a lot of fun and learning so many new things each week in class.  One of the student’s favorite times of day is snack time…Of Course!  Though it seems simple, this is a wonderful time for learning and expanding their social skills each and every day.  They practice using proper manners at the table, taking turns-both speaking and serving themselves food, and it is valuable face to face time with both the teachers and their peers.  

One day we were lucky enough to have a Police Officer come visit for a few minutes and show us his “cool lights” on his patrol car.  The students were very impressed!  We used this as a teachable moment to learn about how Police Officers are here to help us and protect our community.  

We take flight, collaborate and play “Mad Scientist”.

After working very hard being “Bucket Fillers” we celebrated by watching a Wild Kratts video and having our popcorn party!  We practice “filling” other people’s imaginary buckets by being good helpers, nice friends and caring members of the TotSpot Family.  

Halloween was a blast this year, with lots of excited trick-or-treaters!  I must say, this was my best dressed class yet!

Though it was very cold, we made (a very runny version of) ice cream in our own individual bags!  These kinds of centers are always a treat,  not only because it was ice cream, but because of the hands on interaction.  Kids are so curious and impressionable at this stage and they are so excited to dive in and get a little messy.  I must say, these kiddos weren’t too impressed by all the work it took and I think they’ll greatly appreciate the store bought tub next time!
We celebrated Thanksgiving by inviting our friends from the Ocean Class over to our room.  The students were very kind and welcoming to our neighbors as we shared a huge Thanksgiving Feast together.  Their conversations were adorable and hilarious!  I am truly thankful for each of my students and all the memories we are busy making together.  

Mrs. Nicole

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mrs. Erin's Farm Room Fun

I am in Preschool
I am not built to sit still,
keep my hands to myself, 
take turns, 
be patient,
stand in line, or keep quiet
all of the time.
I need:
motion, novelty, adventure,
and to engage the world
with my whole body.
Let Me Play
(Trust me, I'm learning)

We are learning so much during music class. 
(We got a special visit from Mrs. Beth)

No project is complete unless we get messy.

We Love to celebrate Birthdays!!

We are leaning how to be more focused.

We had a chicken (Roo) come and visit for farm week.

Painting with hay was a new experience. 

Again, what fun is a project without getting messy.

We Loved our Turkey hats!

And our Turkey Dance!!!

Thanksgiving feast was a hit.

They decided to build a train with the class chairs. 

We try not to eat all of our crafts. 

We Loved seeing them in costumes!

Yummy, popcorn!!! (They couldn't eat  this one)

We love our friends

Sometimes we just need to take a little nap.

Apple week, eating the applesauce that we made in class.

Getting to paint with apples

Some of us like to eat goldfish everyday for snack.

Community Helpers Week, we are leaning about Firemen 

Putting the fire out

Jumping through the fire

Our Christmas celebration was a hit!

Thank you for all your help and support this past year but most of all thank you for sharing your children with me. It has been such an adventure to watch how everyone has grown.  Each one of them has a special place in my heart! Looking forward to the rest of an amazing school year. 

Mrs. Erin