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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mrs. Nettie's Pre-K Afternoon Class

Welcome to the greatest time of the year! We started the holiday season off with a fun Halloween party and lots of fun crafts to celebrate the festive day. Soon to follow was a Thanksgiving feast along with taste testing the popular pies that show up on Turkey Day ...... apple and pumpkin pie. The children enjoyed a graph to show which pie was the most liked.  A few students tasted a slice of pumpkin pie for the first time and loved the flavors of the season. We are currently preparing for Christmas and it surely is a Jolly time of year!

Halloween in Mrs. Nettie's Classroom

Thanksgiving is here!

Ice Cream cupcakes to celebrate the letter "I"

Sampling Kiwi for letter "K"

Fun learning at our Centers!

Hot Chocolate treat on a cold rainy Friday afternoon!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Mrs. Nettie and Mrs. Lisa

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ms. Laree's MWF AM 3's

We had a fantastic time last week talking all about winter.   We talked about how to keep warm in the winter, fun things to do in winter and all about winter animals. 

 In Art we did ice painting (painted with colored ice), we had frozen treasures in ice where we had to melt the ice to get them out.  We used shapes to make a snowman and then used bubble wrap to paint snow over the top.  We made penguins and hung those outside the classroom.  We drew winter scenes in crayon and then painted them with Epsom salt to make the picture look icy.  We also made snowmen out of play-doh.

In Math with counted snowballs into mittens, we counted marshmallows in hot cocoa (oh how they wanted to eat the marshmallows while gluing and counting – so I gave them a few at snack time!) and we cut out snowflakes.

In Handwriting Without Tears we worked on the letter “O” and the #6.  We also reviewed the following letters and practiced writing them on white boards: L F E T H C U O.  I was amazed at how well they were able to write these letters.  I am very proud of my class!!

In Science we talked about hot and cold.  We tasted hot cocoa and shaved ice.  One of the favorite activities was ice-skating in our socks on the floor and then our icy snowstorm.  We put on scarfs and gloves and then I showered the kiddos with shaved ice.  We had so much fun – it was as if it were snowing in our classroom!! That was my favorite activity of the week!!
We read several books on winter and snow and played one of their favorite songs “The Little Snowflake”. 

Thank you again for allowing me the pleasure of teaching your children and you are fabulous parents as well!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Ms. Gretchen's 3 year olds

What a fun time we have had the last month in the ocean room. We started the month off with learning how to keep our teeth healthy, we brushed and counted teeth and learned all about good foods that keep our bodies and teeth strong and healthy.

We have been working on our handwriting everyday and writing our names. We have been using our lines and cures to create different letters and words. The kids love the zoo-phonics and enjoy using the cards to try to spell their names during free time. It has been fun to watch them create and sound out words.

We have been working hard on our Christmas songs for our annual Christmas program and I know we will sound wonderful!

We finished the month with a fun thanksgiving feast.  We learned all about the pilgrims and about the different foods we ate at our feast. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

We hope you had a

Happy Thanksgiving! 

We did!  

MWF Thanksgiving Feast

Our circle time was spent talking about what we are thankful for, and reading a book about Courderoy's Thanksgiving (a little Teddy Bear).  Some of the kids are thankful for kitties, some for their Halloween costumes (I remember one said Firefighter clothes and another said Spiderman).  Most were thankful for treats and candy when I suggested those and everybody shouted "yes!" when I suggested Moms and Dads!

TTh Thanksgiving Feast

We had a lot of fun with Ms. Sherrie in Singing Time singing about Tom the Turkey and practicing our numbers and colors and also rehearsing for our Christmas Program.

TTh Singing Time

I am thankful for beautiful, sweet, entertaining kids that I get to see every week, who teach me so much and who are so fun to watch learning and changing and discovering new things.  They are constantly surprising me by how much they know, and how quick they pick things up.