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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What is the difference between an Alpaca and a Llama?

Farmer Sean from Carter's Farm visited last Wednesday.  He brought a Llama, an Alpaca, and the piglaets from the week before.  We learned a lot about these animals.  For one, Alpacas and Llamas do not get along very well.  The two that were brought to our school had to be kept separate because they fight.  It is hard to tell the difference between llamas and alpacas when they are separate but when they are together it is much easier.  One obvious difference is that Llamas are bigger than Alpacas.  Another difference is their ears. An Alpaca's ears are straight but a Llamas ears are shaped more like a banana and turn back and forth so they can hear very, very well.  It is hard to sneak up on a Llama. 
A llama will also defend the herd it is living in, whether it is a herd of llamas, goats, or sheep.  An alpaca isn't as brave. If danger arrives they all scatter and it is every alpaca for himself.  We don't eat llamas or alpacas but use their fur to make fabric just like a sheeps wool but it is much more expensive.  They really don't make great pets, they are ornery and like to spit a thick green mucus on you. (YUCK!)  Luckily none of us got spit on and the kids each got a chance to pet the animals if they wanted to.  Some students were very brave while a few preferred to just watch. 
Farmer Sean also brought back the baby pigs from the week before.  They have grown so much.  Miss Meghan loved holding the baby pig while the kids got to pet him.  This week Farmer Sean brought in chickens, ducks, a turkey, and baby chicks.  And the black baby pig came back to tag along as well.  He was wandering the halls at TotSpot having lots of fun.  Next time Farmer Sean comes we will be bring ponies with him!  There are so many other fun things during the week for our students to do. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meet the Teacher and First Day of School is coming up!

School starts on Monday August 5th.  We will be having meet the teacher on Wednesday July 31st from 5-8 for our am classes and Thursday August 1st from 5-8 for our pm classes.  It is come and go so come whenever you can and bring your child to meet their teacher.  We can't wait to see you!

Having fun with Farmer Sean

The students squeal with delight when Farmer Sean comes to visit our school each Wednesday.  We have had a baby pig (2 weeks old!), a rabbit and a sheep. Pictured below is the baby goat only 2 days old!  Don't worry, mama goat came too.  Farmer Sean is just one of our fun summer activities.  The children AND the teachers are having a great time at summer camp.  So bring your kiddos in for some educational fun and beat the heat this summer.