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Friday, September 30, 2016

Ms. Theresa, Ms. Connie & Ms. Riki's MWF and T/Th PM Forest Room

This week was all about leaves. We painted leaves with karo syrup in fall colors and made stain glass leaves to put in our windows at home.

We worked on leaf comparing and did some leaf math with stamps and foam leaves.

Our letter this week was the Letter L and our number was 8.  We worked on making the letter L with our Big and little lines, writing the letter L, writing the number 8, reviewing our numbers 1-8 and working on our names.

It is always fun to listen to stories and play with our friends.

 We had fun singing silly songs on Hat Day.

  It was also spirit week and we had fun wearing our pajamas to school, wearing our favorite hats and having silly hair.  

Everyone is excited for fall and it was a great way to end the week before our fall break.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ms. Dessie and Ms. Debbie Space Room

Our center work these past few weeks focused on the letter L and R.  
So, we did several activities with Legos.  
It was fun to see the creative things they built with Legos. 

We like to use different objects when painting, so why not paint with Legos!

Graphing with Skittles.

L is for lamb.  
 A lamb has wool so we used cotton balls to fill in the L's.  

Everyday in class during circle time, the preschoolers pick their job for the day.
One of the favorites is "pet caretaker".  They love taking care of our hermit crab.  

Plants need to be watered too!

A very important skill is learning how to cut.  
We have scissor practice several times during the week.

Letter and picture matching with Legos. 

They are wearing "rainbow" glasses.  
Everything they look at appears to be rainbow colors.  
They loved wearing these glasses and walking around the room.  
They didn't want to take them off!

This is just a quick glimpse into our world in the Space room.  
We enjoy sharing our day with these children and we hope they are having fun!
Ms. Dessie and Ms. Debbie