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Friday, November 30, 2012

Ms. Gillian's PM 3s

We continue to learn through lots of fun and laughter in the Forest room. 
This week we have working on our "Winter unit". 
Looking for treasures in ice - using warm water and droppers to melt the ice to find the treasures :)
The kiddos started off the week playing in our "snow" .  They had fun using the cars as snow ploughs and the preschoolers loved seeing the tyre marks in the "snow".  They also enjoyed covering animals and talking about which animals like the snow and which ones liked the sun :)

We were also busy painting with ice, making fun little snowmen, gluing little Christmas tree ornament snowflakes.  Arts and crafts is still a favorite with most of our preschoolers.  They love getting creative with all sorts of materials. The messier the better :)     
The favourite part of the week had to be when we made it 'snow' in our classroom!  We were all wrapped up in scarves and gloves, then after our 'snowstorm' we had a little cup of warm cocoa to warm up (just as we would on a cold winters day).  The preschoolers also tried some yummy shaved ice this week.  We also went ice skating around the classroom in our socks. 
In math the kiddos counted out the number of marshmallows needed for each cup of cocoa to match up with the number written next to each cup.
All in all we had a super fun week
Finally we have also been practising hard for our Christmas concert which we are all very excited about.  I'm sure each and every one of our little preschoolers will perform like little superstars :)


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mrs. Nettie's Pre-K Afternoon Class

Traveling through a fun field trip at Fry's Foodstore and learning about healthy food choices. The children enjoyed some yummy samples and had the opportunity to check out some items as a cashier. 

Happy Halloween!!! The children had a wonderful celebration in class enjoying festive activities and yummy treats. I really enjoyed seeing all the kiddos dressed in their costume and they were excited to see Mrs. Lisa and I dressed up as well. We ended the day with personalized trick-or-treat bags and the children were so anxious to pass out their favorite candy and fill some bags to take home :o)

As we approach Thanksgiving we have enjoyed learning some poems to add to our collection. Tom, Tom Turkey and Mr. Turkey are a few of our favorites to recite. The children participated in some fun projects to get us prepared for the holidays. We have sampled homemade bread and made our own butter using whipping cream. We also created a turkey cookie and will do a taste test of some popular Thanksgiving pies at our Thanksgiving Feast. We can't have a holiday without capturing our hand prints for a keepsake. So turkey hand print plates will be arriving home at your dinner table just in time for the feast. 

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving from Mrs. Nettie, Mrs. Lisa and the Pre-K afternoon class :o)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ms. Gretchen’s
Under the Sea Class

Our Fall Festival was so much fun, it was good to see our class enjoying the evening.  Last week the kids enjoyed learning about teeth and how important they are to our health. They learned how brushing morning and night, flossing and eating healthy food would help them grow healthy and strong with a beautiful smile! I hope they have been following all the important brushing rules we learned.

This week we are learning about insects. We will have live crickets to look at in the class and a few to look
at with our magnifying glasses . We will be learning the different body parts and how important insects are in our world. One of their favorite parts of this unit is the interesting size of ants throughout the world, it is very fascinating to them.
The kids are working hard on their Christmas songs, they will be performing for you at our Christmas

program in December, more info on this wonderful production soon.  We have our countdown to our Thanksgiving Feast the kids are super excited for this event.We have been learning about Thanksgiving every day for the past week and hope to make our feast something they can really enjoy and appreciate the meaning of Thanksgiving.
Our hearts go out to Miss Dessie today.  Her husband passed away last night.  She and her family are in our thoughts and prayers and we look forward to her return when she is ready.  In the mean time a big thanks to Miss Melissa for stepping in and teaching while Miss Dessie is away.  We have such a wonderful staff here at TotSpot!  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Here we Go!

Exploring the Pumpkin's insides!
The Jungle Room is Jumpin!  We are always doing something fun in the Pre-K class!  Our Halloween Celebrations were so much fun! We all dressed in costume and played spooky games during our party!  It was so great that our letter of the week -H- fell exactly where it needed to for Halloween!

Spooky Twister!
After our Halloween fun was over, we had a special guest visit our classroom!  Rosie. the Little Red Hen came and joined in our learning  after Halloween!  All the students just fell in love with her!  They loved the sounds she made and enjoyed watching her eat grapes.  She even laid an egg in the afternoon Pre-K class!  What an amazing H week!

Rosie, the Little Red Hen
Our Fall Festival was a HUGE SUCCESS!  After all was added up, I was the lucky teacher to got to KISS THE PIG!  Check out the picture to see how much fun it was!  We raised a ton of money for Juvenile Diabetes!  It's all because we have the BEST PARENTS EVER!  Thank you so much for all that you guys do to help us!  We couldn't do it without you!   

This week we are working hard on our letter of the week -J!  Jerry Jellyfish is our Star of the Week and we are planning on doing all of his favorite things such as making juice and studying jellyfish, among other things.  We can't wait to keep it up through the rest of the year!
Making Juice!

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Farm Room

In the 2's room we have made Frogs for the letter F, Ghost's made for the letter G, and this past week we made Hairy H's along with our fun Halloween celebrations. 

 Here is one of our amazing 2's having her foot painted to create her own footprint!  They loved to feel how the paint made their feet tickle and making a "ghost print" on black paper.

Thank you Dad's for making our special day with you a success!

It was so much fun to see each of the creative costumes that our 2's wore this week to celebrate Halloween!  Our room parents had great activities for the children to enjoy and I appreciate all they did to make it an extra special day for the class.:)

Hairy H's kicked off our letter H week.  We also had a special visit in the a.m. class from Miss Jasey's hen, Rosie.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ms. Gillian's PM 3's

So here we are nearly at the end of our 3rd week back after fall break, where is the time going???  What a fun packed 3 weeks we have had!

Last week we were working on our Pumpkin unit which was a huge success. We were digging out the pumpkin seeds, hammering tees into the pumpkins, pumpkin seed counting, tasting yummy toasted pumpkin seeds, looking at the stages of how a pumpkin grows! But the favorite with the kiddos was our pumpkin pie play dough which really did smell good enough to eat!!! Another favorite this week was singing the "five little pumpkin sitting on a gate song"  everyone loved joining in I'm sure you have heard a few of your kiddos sing it to you at home :)

Our focus letter last week was E.  Using our big and little lines we worked on putting an E together, as well as working on fun worksheets.  Our whole class are working so hard on their letters and love having a letter of the week to focus on :).  This is helping with recognizing letters in our names :)

However this week we had our Halloween parties.  All the kiddos came to school in the cutest costumes and all looked adorable.  We made some fun art projects including ghosts, bats and mini Frankensteins.  We had our very own mini trick or treat as well as having so much fun singing and dancing, the skeleton dance is still a huge hit with our class :)  At snack time we also had some special witches brew to drink :)))  The kiddo had so much fun as did the teachers :)))

We are all having the best time in class.  I just love seeing all the little smiling faces coming into school every afternoon.  I am so proud of each and everyone of my little preschoolers :)