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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bug Week

Last week we started our bug week.  We talked about lady bugs and ants and grasshoppers, how all of them have six legs, and how frogs like to eat them.  Lucky for you your kids did NOT think it was a good idea to eat bugs.   This week we continue with Caterpillars and how they turn into Butterflies!
 It seems like hardly a day goes by that we do not celebrate someone's birthday!  We will soon have a Summer Birthday's day so we can be sure to celebrate all those kids who have a birthday this summer.
Snack time is always a favorite time of day.

Sporting our very cute Bug Hat

Some serious concentration going on here

Bug sorting

Spring Has Sprung: Pre-K Fun!

Ms. Gabi's and Ms. Emmalee's class is growing up! The children are starting to get that "kindergarten" look. We are enjoying every minute of spring in the Ocean Room.

Building with blocks is a daily favorite. It teaches cooperation, space planning, and balance!

Circle time is filled with music, calendar skills and opportunities to speak to the whole group.

Math skills are reinforced with lots of counting and role play.

During science centers, we enjoy lots of "hands-on" experiences. Here the kiddos are squeezing, measuring and drinking grapefruit juice!

Our class hermit crab is often sleepy during the afternoons, so we are happy when he stretches his legs!

 Pre K students love to create art with a variety of materials. During Easter time, we loved paint-stamping with marshmallow Peeps.

 We use cooking activities to learn about letters of the alphabet.

Ms. Emmalee brought her quesadilla maker for Qq week. Yum!

Exploring the classroom is an important way to learn observation and recording skills. This week the children looked for all the yellow objects they could find for Yy week.

 Dramatic play is also a very important part of our day. The lemonade stand has been a toy store, an ice cream shop and a bank this week. 

We're not just playing around... Yo-yos are a fun way to learn about gravity!

And at the end of all that excitement, what's better than some quiet reading time?

The Ocean Room is swimming with great learners!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring is Here in the Circus Room 

with Ms. Sara's Class!

The past weeks we have been learning all about caterpillars, butterflies, and flowers!  We have learned about their lifecycle and how each of them grow.  We have also had a lot of fun watching real caterpillars transform in our classroom.  We can't wait for them to change into butterflies!  

Each week we learn a new letter and the sound that it makes.  This week we focused on 'W.' 
 Here is a look into our classroom this week.

Building 'W' With our Wooden Pieces

Practicing 'W' on our Whiteboards

Practicing #10 on our Whiteboards

We had fun during math counting with sunflower seeds!

Each day we practice writing our names!

Snack Time!

Fun During Free Play Time!

And Quiet Time.

Making Beautiful Flowers!

Practicing With Scissors.

Working Together to Build the Parts of A Flower

For science, we planted flower seeds in a bag to see if they will grow!

We are so excited to watch our caterpillars transform into butterflies!