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Friday, December 21, 2012

Ms. Gillian's PM 3's

So here we are at the start of our Christmas break and what a fun few weeks we have had on the lead upto it! 

Firstly we had our fun little Christmas program the kiddos work so hard to learn all their songs , and they all done such a wonderful job on the night :)  It was such a fun night, we even had a visit from Santa to add to the excitement :)

Over the past couple of weeks the excitement in the classroom has been building with Christmas getting closer.  We have been busy working on lots of fun projects including, gingerbread men, Christmas trees, Santas, snowflakes, ruldolfs, christmas wreaths ...  With art and crafts being a favourite with the preschoolers in the forest room they all had so much fun making their masterpieces. 

We also had fun making gingerbread houses and men out of our 'gingerbread scented' play dough.  As well as making fun little gifts for moms and dads which were all made with a whole lot of love :)


 On our last two days at school we had our Christmas 'pajama' parties.  It was the sweetest thing seeing all the preschooler come to school in their cute little pjs. I even got to wear mine - if only we could do that everyday!!! :)   We had a fun time making christmas crackers and frosting some yummy Christmas trees. Along with a whole lot of dancing and singing to all our christmas songs.

We are looking forward to more fun and learning with our precious little preschoolers in the New Year, but until then we wish you all a very Merry Christmas :)

 Ms. Gillian, Ms. Laree and Ms. Debbie

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mrs. Nettie's Pre-K Afternoon Class

 Well it's here... The holidays are approaching quickly and we are so excited to prepare for that special day. We have had a visitor join us this month called "Snowflake". He is our little invisible elf that takes note of our behavior and has been very pleased to see that we are all doing AWESOME :o) We also discovered that Christmas is not the only holiday in December. The children have learned that Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are also holidays celebrated in the month of December. 

Along with holiday preparation we have been working hard on letter identification and letter sounds.  The children enjoyed creating their own ladybug which represented the letter "L". Our Lovely Ladybugs helped us introduce describing words such as: spotted, big, dotted, red, pretty, aphid eating etc... We learned that a lady bug has six legs which is different then a spider with eight legs. 

We use many fun activities to continue review of all the letters we learned. 

Along with printing practice the children created a pattern in the form of the letter "M" using dot paint and stickers. 

Meet "Missy Mouse" one of the characters from Zoo-Phonics. The children had a wonderful time inventing Missy Mouse out of the letter "M". The funniest part of this activity was when I showed the class the example and asked, "guess what we are making today?" One little student got so excited and shouted out, "a chinchilla." So Mrs. Lisa pulled up a picture of a chinchilla and it looked very similar to Missy Mouse. We learned a new word that day :o)

Congratulations to all of Totspot Preschool doing an AMAZING job on  the Christmas program. The children sang with such excitement and expression. It was a beautiful performance!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Jungle Room Pre-K AM is working hard!

What a fun couple of week's it's been!  We are working hard and playing hard too!  We have done so many fun things!  We have had our Thanksgiving Feast and studied J, K, L and are currently working on M's special week!  Below are some pictures of just a few things we really enjoyed! 
Thanksgiving Feast!

Making Orange and Grape Juice!
Thanksgiving Feast!
Thanksgiving Feast!!!

Kitchen Science:  Mixing flour and water to make Dough Balls!
More Dough Balls!

Lollipop makers!
Throughout all the weeks, our Show-n-Tell days have been the greatest!  Each Thursday and Friday each child gets to bring in an item that starts with our Special Letter of the week and each week they impress me more and more by the things they find that coordinate with our letter!   They have the ability to brainstorm many, many words that belong with the letter of the week!  I hope they are doing that at home, because they are so rocking the alphabet!!! 
 Tonight we are having our annual Christmas Program!  We have been really working hard this year, singing our songs at least once a day!  I can't wait to hear their sweet voices tonight! Good luck my Awesome Preschoolers!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ms. Dessie's Classes Love Learning!

            Ms. Dessie's PM Pre-K Classes:

We have been busy working our way through the letters of the alphabet this year and this week we have made it half-way, we got to the lovely letter L!  Ladybugs, lions and lemons were are featured guests this L week.

Ask your child about the four stages of the ladybug life cycle (egg, larva, pupa and adult ladybug) and what symmetrical means (the same on both sides- like in ladybug wings).  I think you  
will be impressed.

They also learned a lesson from the story,"The Lion and the Mouse."  Have them retell that story. We talked about telling a story with just using words and picturing it in our minds and then we also spoke about telling a story with just using pictures and making up our own words.  A very good exercise to being good future readers.

Then we  learned when life gives you lemons....make lemonade!  They had fun trying to

find the right balance between the water, lemon juice and sugar and actually loved drinking their creation.

Besides the L focus, we have been moving right along on learning how to write our capital letters and our numbers.  A, 8 and 9 were this week. With the number 8,  we discussed about going around the race track, starting and finishing in the same place and not picking up our pencil.  It takes lots of practice to get that number.

                          We love learning and look forward to more!