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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mrs. Nettie's Pre-K Afternoon Class

Welcome back from Christmas Break!! It was so wonderful to see all the excited, smiling faces arriving at class Tuesday morning. Circle Time was where the magic started as each child stood before the class and shared their holiday experience. I love the expression in your child's eyes as they talked about Christmas morning.

The children arrived with great ambition to get back to preparing for Kindergarten.  I was so pleased to see such progress as we reviewed some concepts that we left off on. I can't express how proud I am of each child and all the dedication they put into their performance. We started last week with learning about the letter "N". The children had a fun time creating Noodle Art designs, and using describing words to tell about their neckties made out of the letter "N".

Creating Art Masterpiece Noodle Designs!

Nifty Neck Ties using the letter "N"!

The children have been doing so well with printing, identifying letters and letter sounds during our "mini story creations". We have had so much fun connecting numbers with their  number value and number name. We find many ways to continue practicing our patterns and have used cereal this week to create AB patterns and ABB patterns. Just as long as I provide some to snack on, everyone finishes their pattern :o) Rhyming words have been such a favorite in class! During our story time the children are able to identify the rhyming words before I even ask for them.  We have a new game during exploring time that reinforces our rhyming skills.

Working with cereal to make AB and ABB patterns!

Outstanding "O" Creations!

 Graphing with Olives!

Printing Practice!

These "Pre-Kindergartners" sure make me smile through my day.  I am so happy to be back in class with them and looking forward to the next quarter. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Break!!

Mrs. Nettie and Mrs. Lisa

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