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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Welcome Back!

 Here in the Jungle Room AM we are diving straight in to learning!  We are doing many things each week.  Each week consists of 5 different learning, hand-on activities at each center: Art, Science, Language Arts and Math.  Each center is fun, but also enhances past and new skills that these students will need next year in Kindergarten!  Each lesson approaches their learning by way of experiences.  I feel that learning is done best when actually experiencing all the senses of the activity!  For example, for I week we did a lot of hand-on, experience related learning.  Below you will see them observing and drawing Insects (crickets!!)  They were even lucky enough to be able to bring one home as a pet! (sorry parents...)

 Here we are making ice cream by adding ingredients, ice and then SHAKING!!!  They all got a chance to shake some ice cream.  Then came the good part...
 EATING IT!  It was actually very good!
For Jj week we squeezed and poked and smashed fruits to make our very own JUICE!

We also made Drippy Jellyfish by loading our paper with lots of watercolor on the "bell" of the jellyfish, then lifting it up to make the tentacles!   We experimented with how much watercolors we needed to make it drip...what happened when it didn't drip down...what happened when we added more watercolors to the the color changed when we added a different color.  All of these questions led to more fun finding out!!!
 Thanksgiving was so much fun! We came up with so many things that we were thankful for! 
 Our Christmas Celebration was really fun too!  It was Pajama Day and we all did fun activities in our Jammies!  We couldn't ask for a better time!

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