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Monday, August 11, 2014

Welcome to School!

We were so excited to start school!  We had an amazing Meet the Teacher night and a great first week!  I am so happy that I am able to meet and teach these great growing minds! During Meet the Teacher, parents and students were able to walk around the room and find different things during their Jungle Game.  Then, students painted binoculars for their fist day of school!  We used these binoculars during our Classroom Safari!  We had a lot of fun during our first few days!   Here are some pictures of our first week!

Meet The Teacher!!!
Finished Binoculars!  They look Fantastic!

First Day of Pre-K!  He's already enjoying our Dramatic Play Costumes!
Friends Already!

Tuesday/Thursday First day of School!
Whisper Phones are so Cool!!!
We made so many great memories during our first week!  It is amazing how fast I come to love each and every one of my preschoolers! We are going to have a great year!  Stay tuned for more posts about my amazing class!!!

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