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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Forest Room with Ms Laree and Ms Gillian (:

Welcome to the Forest Room where 13 smart preschoolers love to learn!

This last week we learned about Things That GO!!  We started off our week by making train conductor hats and going on a train ride.

Train ride!

We talked about boats and conducted an experiment deciding what would sink and what would float.
"Sink or Float" experiment

"Sink or Float" experiment
Everyday we practice writing our names.  We know it takes a lot of practice and we are definitely making progress!
Name writing practice

More name writing practice

We studied the rectangle shape this week.  Many "things that go" have a rectangle shape.
Shape handwriting practice

We practiced our number writing skills and counted train cars.
Number writing and counting

The students loved making tire tracks on the letter B.  They dipped the cars in paint and "drove" around the letter B.

At the beginning of each week we introduce a new letter.  Before we practice writing the letter, we "build" it with our wood pieces.  During the middle of the week we practice writing our letter by tracing it first and then writing it on our own. At the end of the week the students practice writing the letter on dry erase boards.  We just received some new small chalkboards for the students to use.  We will use them for the first time this week and we are super excited.  This will give the kids another medium to practice handwriting with.
Letter building!

More letter building

Another math center was "parking lot math".  This activity required the students to recognize the numbers 1-10.  I worked individually with some of the students in helping them with the numbers they struggled with.  This activity was requested often during the week. (:

Parking lot math
We talked about cars, trucks and airplanes too.  Another highlight was decorating our paper airplanes and then flying them from the top of the play set.

Airplane throwing (:
Airplane throwing!

We had a great week and look forward to many more!  Thank you for sharing your children with me each week.  (:

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