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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Love to learn in the Forest room

We are all having so much fun at preschool so far this year.  We have been making new friends and exploring with many new things.  Take a look at the fun and learning we have been doing so far this year!

Working on our shapes, colors and counting and having fun playing
with shaving cream during our center time!

We learn so much during our circle time our colors,
how to count and write our numbers, we are also learning our 
letters and the sounds they make! 

Music Time with Ms. Marina

A visit from the bedtime fairy

                             Fun learning our shapes, how to use glue, cutting with scissors and getting our                                      bodies traced during our small group time!

                                         During our body week we had fun making our body parts,
                                          pretending we were doctors to the babies,  getting to
                                          try on the body vest and learn what all our organs do and
                                           where they go !

                                                 Having fun playing and making new friends.

                                       We love doing our music and movement.  Here we are
                                        getting to do our parachute and the bear hunt!


                                                 We all are adjusting to preschool so well
                                                making friends, learning and having lots of fun.

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