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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jungle AM Springtime!

 We’ve been having a blast this spring in the Jungle class!  We had a great trip to Schnepf Farm where we took a hay ride through the peach orchard, pet the goats and pigs, saw a giant cow and got to pick our own lettuce!  It was a great experience and the kids enjoyed being out side and running around.  



As one of our annual dentist visits, we had a couple special guest dental hygienists who put fluoride treatments on selected student’s teeth.  It was a fun day and students really love the dental visits.  

We do so many different activities in class, its hard to keep up!  We love practicing our letters on the smart board each week after practicing with pencil and paper.  Its important to try things in different ways to keep kids engaged and having fun!  They thrive on stimulating activities and fun dramatic playtime shared with their peers.  I love being right down there with them as they practice sharing, cooperating, learning in groups and enjoying their school day.  


As our school year comes to an end it is easy to see just how much our students have grown!  They are such smart, genuine, artistic and thoughtful students and I know they will be successful in Kindergarten.  It has been such a pleasure to have them each and every day to help them learn and grow! 

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