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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mrs. Luciana, Mrs. Kristine, Ms. Lexi , Ms. Lauryn: M-W-F Farm Room

Our class is having so much fun learning!!!
Using paper towel rolls and some leaves (stickers) we made beautiful Fall Trees.
Every time we use stickers, the kids are working on their fine motors skills.


 We also made a Fall Wreath

 Community Helper Week - Construction Workers
During community helper week, we pretended to be "Construction Workers". The kids got to wear "hard hats", "tool belts", "safety jackets" and so much more.


We were "building" with shaving cream and blocks


We also pretended to be "Bakers". We even got our "Chef Hats" on.

A special visitor ... TOOTH FAIRY!!!
The tooth Fairy talked about the "sugar bugs". We learned about the "good" and "bad" snacks and how we need to brush our teeth every day in the morning and before we go to bed.

And that is how we learn in the Farm Room.

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