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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Arctic Room Field Trip to the Grocery Store!

Spring is always such a fun time in PreK! Last month we went on our field trip to the grocery store and loved every minute of it! The students had so much fun learning about all the different food groups and touring around the store to each department!

We started out in the produce section learning about fruits and up was the proteins!

 Learning about grains! Picking out bread and cereal!

Heading to the dairy section of the store!

 The freezer in the back was our favorite part! It was super cold! Burr!!!

Sweet PreK Students

 The lobster was also a big hit! Most everyone wanted to put on those gloves and touch it!
So fun!

 I even touch him...some of the students needed a little push!

We ended our tour of the grocery store at the self check out. We scanned all our items we shopped for in the store and took a group picture before having a healthy snack from our goodie bags!

 So focused!

 Checking out!!

 Say Cheese! Hooray for Field Trip Days!

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