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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ms. Dessie's PreK PM  classes are awesome!  We have had a great first few days getting to know each other and learning the school routine.  We took a tour of our Jungle room by going on the Safari jeep and looked at all the animals and the different areas in our room; like the Art, Math, Science, Language Art , Play dough, and Dramatic play area.

We have read some very good books.  One book we read was "Have You Filled a Bucket Today."  We have based our Class Behavior Management on the book.  Ask your child how they can fill their bucket and others' buckets with good things.  If your chid says that their bucket is green that is wonderful behavior.  If their bucket is yellow that means that they need to think and make better choices about filling buckets with good things.  Red means...well...stop a behavior.  I do not think we will have many red colors this year  because we have such great kids that want to do good things.

We love meeting our new "Zoophonic" friends.  We have reviewed A-H this week.  Ask your child what sound and action does Allie Alligator make?  or Bubba Bear?  or a favorite Honey Horse?  We have also introduced our wood pieces for the "Handwriting without Tears" program.  Big line, little line, big curve and little curve will help us learn to write our letters.  Our "Tap, tap, tap" song with our wood pieces is becoming a favorite of everyone.  It will be a classic I feel.  I can not stop singing it in my head!

We loved music with Ms. Melissa and singing about a Moose drinking juice (hilarious song) and doing a freeze dance with our ribbons.  Thank you  Ms. Melissa for the fun!

Look for a blog entry about our PreK Pm classes in Ms.  Dessie room every month.

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