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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mrs Gillian's PM 3s

Here we are well into our 3rd week at school and raring to go.  The kiddos are getting comfortable with our routine and feeling ownership over the classroom.  They are all getting to know each other a little better and having lots of fun playing with their new friends. 

This week has been another great success and i feel so lucky to have a class full of little sweethearts so keen to learn and grow everyday.

A favourite friend in our class room is "Radar" our guinea pig - the kids love to go say hello to him and feed him a carrot or two!!!  And sometimes Mrs Laree will take him out for the children to have a little pet of him :)  They can't get enough of him!!

We have been so busy over the last 3 weeks working on our "All About Me" and "My Family" units. All units have a number of centers that the children explore which include Art, Playdoh, Math, Science, Sensory, Drama and Language Arts.   The kids have had so much fun learning all about their new friends and talking about their families.   

We have also started working on our Handwriting Without Tears using the wood pieces (big line, little line, big curve, little curve ) in a number of different ways mainly through songs and games to get the children familiar with the 4 different pieces.  We also meet our Zoo-Phonics friends everyday.  Most of the children are now experts with the letters/sounds A-E excitedly shouting out Allie Alligator, Bubba Bear, Catina Cat... as soon as i hold the pages up quickly afterwards saying the sounds while doing the action - they are little sponges i love it :)

We have also been busy working on name recognition over the past couple of weeks through various fun activities such as sand art and musical chairs (with names on chairs)...

The kiddos have also had soooooo much fun with all our messy art projects such as shaving foam painting, cloud dough, slime, hand printing, gluing...The art activities are definitely a favourite with most of the kids.  Loving to get their hands dirty while having fun and laughter with their friends.

Another favourite over the past couple of weeks is our music time with Mrs Melissa, she is busy teaching us songs for a very special day coming up "Grandparents Day" :)  All the kids love love love this time especially at the end when the big parachute comes out!!!  Thank you Mrs Melissa for visiting our classroom every Monday and Thursday!

 I can feel this year is going to be AMAZING and am looking forward to teaching these precious kiddos every afternoon, they are all so excited to be at school and I'm excited to have them in my class :)

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