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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ms. Gillian's PM 3's

So here we are nearly at the end of our 3rd week back after fall break, where is the time going???  What a fun packed 3 weeks we have had!

Last week we were working on our Pumpkin unit which was a huge success. We were digging out the pumpkin seeds, hammering tees into the pumpkins, pumpkin seed counting, tasting yummy toasted pumpkin seeds, looking at the stages of how a pumpkin grows! But the favorite with the kiddos was our pumpkin pie play dough which really did smell good enough to eat!!! Another favorite this week was singing the "five little pumpkin sitting on a gate song"  everyone loved joining in I'm sure you have heard a few of your kiddos sing it to you at home :)

Our focus letter last week was E.  Using our big and little lines we worked on putting an E together, as well as working on fun worksheets.  Our whole class are working so hard on their letters and love having a letter of the week to focus on :).  This is helping with recognizing letters in our names :)

However this week we had our Halloween parties.  All the kiddos came to school in the cutest costumes and all looked adorable.  We made some fun art projects including ghosts, bats and mini Frankensteins.  We had our very own mini trick or treat as well as having so much fun singing and dancing, the skeleton dance is still a huge hit with our class :)  At snack time we also had some special witches brew to drink :)))  The kiddo had so much fun as did the teachers :)))

We are all having the best time in class.  I just love seeing all the little smiling faces coming into school every afternoon.  I am so proud of each and everyone of my little preschoolers :)

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