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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ms. Gretchen’s
Under the Sea Class

Our Fall Festival was so much fun, it was good to see our class enjoying the evening.  Last week the kids enjoyed learning about teeth and how important they are to our health. They learned how brushing morning and night, flossing and eating healthy food would help them grow healthy and strong with a beautiful smile! I hope they have been following all the important brushing rules we learned.

This week we are learning about insects. We will have live crickets to look at in the class and a few to look
at with our magnifying glasses . We will be learning the different body parts and how important insects are in our world. One of their favorite parts of this unit is the interesting size of ants throughout the world, it is very fascinating to them.
The kids are working hard on their Christmas songs, they will be performing for you at our Christmas

program in December, more info on this wonderful production soon.  We have our countdown to our Thanksgiving Feast the kids are super excited for this event.We have been learning about Thanksgiving every day for the past week and hope to make our feast something they can really enjoy and appreciate the meaning of Thanksgiving.

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