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Monday, December 10, 2012

Jungle Room Pre-K AM is working hard!

What a fun couple of week's it's been!  We are working hard and playing hard too!  We have done so many fun things!  We have had our Thanksgiving Feast and studied J, K, L and are currently working on M's special week!  Below are some pictures of just a few things we really enjoyed! 
Thanksgiving Feast!

Making Orange and Grape Juice!
Thanksgiving Feast!
Thanksgiving Feast!!!

Kitchen Science:  Mixing flour and water to make Dough Balls!
More Dough Balls!

Lollipop makers!
Throughout all the weeks, our Show-n-Tell days have been the greatest!  Each Thursday and Friday each child gets to bring in an item that starts with our Special Letter of the week and each week they impress me more and more by the things they find that coordinate with our letter!   They have the ability to brainstorm many, many words that belong with the letter of the week!  I hope they are doing that at home, because they are so rocking the alphabet!!! 
 Tonight we are having our annual Christmas Program!  We have been really working hard this year, singing our songs at least once a day!  I can't wait to hear their sweet voices tonight! Good luck my Awesome Preschoolers!!!

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