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Monday, December 2, 2013

Ms. Gretchen's 3 year olds

What a fun time we have had the last month in the ocean room. We started the month off with learning how to keep our teeth healthy, we brushed and counted teeth and learned all about good foods that keep our bodies and teeth strong and healthy.

We have been working on our handwriting everyday and writing our names. We have been using our lines and cures to create different letters and words. The kids love the zoo-phonics and enjoy using the cards to try to spell their names during free time. It has been fun to watch them create and sound out words.

We have been working hard on our Christmas songs for our annual Christmas program and I know we will sound wonderful!

We finished the month with a fun thanksgiving feast.  We learned all about the pilgrims and about the different foods we ate at our feast. 

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