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Monday, October 14, 2013

Mrs. Nettie's Pre-K MWF Afternoon Class

       Welcome to a wonderful journey filled with adventure, laughter, exploring, happiness and a love for learning! Here we are approaching the holidays and we have so much to share with you that has been happening in our classroom. 

       I am so excited to introduce to you the most amazing, caring, dedicated children that I am honored to spend my days with. The children are so excited for exploring time when they arrive and I enjoy watching them build friendships and practice communication skills during this time.  We soon are ready to enter into circle time to learn the letter of the week and review our calendar.  Some fun assessment games are taking place during circle time to reinforce letter sounds, letter recognition, number identification and number value. We also have been introduced to "place value" by counting each day that we attend school. I am so amazed at how quickly the children are learning how to "add on" to a number. Our printing is improving with each day and I'm so happy with the progress I see in our writing journals. 

       I truly enjoy Mondays when the children share about their weekend and I get to share about my adventurous weekend as well. It usually includes a story about my 165 lb French Mastiff, Luigi :o) I look forward to creating many fun memories and crafts during the most festive time of the year as we prepare for Kindergarten.  

Hugs from Ms. Nettie and Ms. Lisa

Having some fun while learning a song to help us remember the months of the year and days of the week. 

The children enjoying "center time". 

Grandparent's Day is always a joy for everyone involved.  Mrs. Lisa and I really looked forward to meeting all the special Grandparents that arrived that day.  

Exploring at our Science Center with "eruptions" for the letter "E" and some "moon sand" that instantly dries when removed from water. The children really enjoyed the experiments!

Blooming minds in progress!

Ending our day with some fun and laughter :o)

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