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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome to Ms. Gretchen's 3 year old classes!

For the week of Sept. 13th....
We had such a fun week in the Ocean Room.  The unit we have been studying is Safety. We started off the first of the week with a visit from a fireman Dad. He taught us how important it is to stay away from pool unless you are with an adult.  Also, what to do if there is a fire, calling 911 and being safe on bicycles and around streets and cars. We also had a visit from a Police Officer. He taught the children about stranger danger and also about looking both ways when crossing a street. We practiced our street safety with the giant street signs and stop and go signs Ms.  Monica made for the classes.

All of our kids are progressing  excellently  with the Zoo-Phonics.  We are now able to put a few small words together and sound them out. Everyone is enjoying our new white boards. They have fun practicing  writing their names on them. We also have been using our Zoo-Phonics cards to practice letters. The kids have loved the lines and curves.  Some of them are even creating their names out of them. Mat Man has also been a favorite.  Ask them to create Mat Man at home! They have become very creative with him. One of the kids had him putting out a fire last week.

 It was fun to have our wonderful grandparents visit our room for “Grandparents Day”.  We had a big turnout this year. I hope each of them enjoyed our grandparent books  which each child made. We are looking forward to our annual “Donuts For Dads”  this week. It’s really fun for the kids to have a donut or two with their dads and show them all  of the exciting things we have and do in our class.

 We are quickly approaching the holiday season. We love Tuesdays with Mrs. Sherrie. She will be working with us on our holidays music. We are getting ready for our Christmas Program so don’t be surprised when your little ones come home singing Christmas music in October.

We have many  fun and exciting units to look forward to after  fall break.  Holiday time around Totspot Preschool is so much fun are much enjoyed by the kids, we look forward to this time every year. Have a wonderful break!

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