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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Guests come to Ms. Dessie's classes

Ms. Dessie's classes have recently had some great visitors coming into share and teach us some interesting and fun things.  We have had several animals stopping by.  "Storm" the rabbit easily made friends in the Ocean room with his very soft fur.  "Zig-Zag" and "Blue", the parakeets, can often be heard in the Jungle room competing for attention! Even with the blanket to cover them they often want to be heard. We have also had the opportunity to have caterpillars that turned into chrysalises and then Painted Lady butterflies!  We have even had worms for letter W!  Yes, real worms that many students wanted to bring home and I was all too happy to send them out the door :) Ms. Shannon  even brought in her cute little puppies that students got to hold and snuggle.  
But besides our feathered and furry friends we have had the opportunity to have some guest speakers/parents come into our classroom and share their cultures with us.  The students loved hearing about where these guests grew up, what kind of things they did and the languages they spoke. In fact, we having been learning some different languages, too.  Some classes are learning how to say "hello" in different languages and others how to count in Spanish.  We plan to showcase our skills at the graduation program.
Even with our guests and new languages we are still working hard on our handwriting and have made it through most of the lowercase letters.  We only have letters X and Y to cover and then each letter will have had a focus week.  We have readers at Totspot!  It is a thrill to hear students put the sounds together to form real words. The progress is exciting to see from the beginning of the year until now.  These students are ready to move on!

A sweet snuggle moment!

Learning how to use chopsticks.  Taught to us by Mr. Phan.

 Mr. and Mrs. Phan shared with us their Chinese and Navajo cultures. 
The Ocean room Unicorns- for letter U of course!  (Funny but none of the boys were interested in making one :)

Freeing our butterflies!

O Canada!  Mr. Tantrum shares about our neighbor to the North.

It was hard to give the puppies back!

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