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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ms. Lael's class Down on the FARM

Spring has ushered many a surprise for our Farm Room class. Out butterflies have hatched. Our plant has grown. And we even had visitors come in to say "hi". Ms. Shannon's puppies came, and our classmate Allie's parakeets came to say a warm "hello". It was such a treat for us to pet and hold those little critters. It was great learning about out furry and feathered friends and how we can take good care of them.


Music has also been an integral part of our learning process. The beats, tunes, and props definitely make it fun to learn about seasons, counting, animals and movement. Kinetic learning really developed our preschoolers' gross motor skills, and coupled with Ms. Sherry's singing, had our kids going! If it was up to them, we'd have music classes all week long!


In the Farm Room, we know that hands-on participation is key to solidifying what our preschoolers learn. Our Science Station teaches our kids about tinkering, putting things together, and cause-and-effect. Oh how our kids love to build!! Our activities have enhanced our preschoolers' fine motor skills. Our food-scented, gluten-free, non-toxic molding clay has been a great help for that, too!


Our preschoolers have definitely come a long way. We have almost mastered our Zoo phonics, colors, numbers and our songs. Our new classmates have also added a great deal of excitement and character in our class, as well. We love our new friends!
Ms. Lael & Ms. Shannon

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