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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ms. Riki's class is kicking off the New Year 2015 with fun & learning!!

Ms. Riki's MWF & T/TH class is having fun & learning in the new year with Ms. Tasha and Ms. Kinsey!!
MWF class exploring food that starts with letter B during our science center!

MWF class made butter during our science center!

My T/TH class creating elephant hand print art during our art center!

Having fun while exploring our taste buds during science centers!
We are having fun and learning to work together during open free time!

Look what we can build together!

We are learning our math and having fun! We did it!

We love to explore and learn during our science centers!

T/TH class watching  and learning through our experiments!

MWF class creating masterpieces during our art centers

 Learning our math during free play time!
 We are learning about shells in our sensory bin in free time!
 We say the pledge of allegiance during opening circle time.
 We talk about our letters of the week in our opening circle time! Show me your shoes! Discussing the Sh sounds and coming up with words staring with Sh.

T/TH class working hard during our centers that focus on language arts, math, science and art.

 T/TH class learning about music and having fun with our music teacher Ms. Kim!!

T/TH class creating art focusing on our letters of the week!!

MWF class having fun and learning about music with Ms. Kim!!

MWF class waiting to see which volcano will erupt during our science center!

MWF class working hard and having fun during our math and language arts centers!!

We are at our half way point for the school year!! Pre-K has flown by this year!!  We start off our day with some free play time then move into opening circle time and pledge of allegiance. Students pick their jobs for the day and we go over our calendar and learn our days of the week and talk about our letters of the week.  We learn our letters through Zoo Phonics and Handwriting Without Tears.

I am so proud of my Pre-K classes and have enjoyed watching my students grow and learn!!
Ms. Riki

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