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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring is Here in the Circus Room 

with Ms. Sara's Class!

The past weeks we have been learning all about caterpillars, butterflies, and flowers!  We have learned about their lifecycle and how each of them grow.  We have also had a lot of fun watching real caterpillars transform in our classroom.  We can't wait for them to change into butterflies!  

Each week we learn a new letter and the sound that it makes.  This week we focused on 'W.' 
 Here is a look into our classroom this week.

Building 'W' With our Wooden Pieces

Practicing 'W' on our Whiteboards

Practicing #10 on our Whiteboards

We had fun during math counting with sunflower seeds!

Each day we practice writing our names!

Snack Time!

Fun During Free Play Time!

And Quiet Time.

Making Beautiful Flowers!

Practicing With Scissors.

Working Together to Build the Parts of A Flower

For science, we planted flower seeds in a bag to see if they will grow!

We are so excited to watch our caterpillars transform into butterflies!

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