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Monday, April 6, 2015

We are almost all the way through the Alphabet!

I really can't believe how fast this year is moving!  We have sent home Graduation invitations, we are working on our last assessments of the year, and we are gearing up for Summer!  We are almost done with studying all of our letters!  These next two weeks we are working on Yy & Qq and then we have completed all the letters!  For celebration, we will be doing a A-Z celebration snack that includes one of each snack that begin with each letter of the alphabet! It is really fun!  
One of our favorite things we did the past few weeks was playing with real, live worms!  In our sensory bin, we had soil, paper, leaves and WORMS!  I was super impressed watching all the kids be brave and hold them.  I love real life connections in the classroom!  We talked about how worms are good for gardens and for the Earth. 

We also had a great Easter Egg hunt to kick off our fun Easter Weekend!  Students got to decorate their bags and fill them will plastic eggs with fun treats in them. 

If Easter wasn't fun enough, I had to play a little April Fool's trick on my preschoolers!  Because W is for Worm and we had live worms, I decided to "cook" up some of my own.  

I explained that I had cooked them and then proceeded to eat them in front of them!  It was awesome!  They were, (thank you Pinterest) made out of Jello!  With even knowing that, I only had a few brave enough to eat them for snack:)

It was a very memorable day!  Happy Spring everyone! 

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