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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mrs. Nettie's 3's AM/PM Classes

                                                       You are a very special person
                                                        And you should surely know,
                                                      I loved to have you in my care,
                                                          How fast the year did go!

                                                       Please come back to visit me,
                                                     As through the grades you'll go,
                                                  Make sure to learn all that you can,
                                                      For there is so much to know!

                                                      One thing I tried to teach you,
                                                     To last your whole life through,
                                                     Is to know that you are special,
                                                                Just for being you!

It has been a wonderful year here in the forest room! We have had so much fun as we learned all of our letters, numbers, shapes, sounds, colors, and so much more! We are so excited to see our fabulous kiddos start a new year and adventure in preschool!

Practicing Number Identification!



Number 10 fun!


Letter Sorting and Identification...


We welcomed Spring with little baby chicks!




Language Arts Lions! The kids had a blast making a lion with paint and forming a sentence to describe what their lion likes to do. 


Mrs. Debbie helps students practice their motor skills by cutting paper with scissors.


Caterpillar Stamping for Insects and Spring Time!




Number Graphing and Identification...


Our Easter Celebration was a wonderful time! The children absolutely loved the Easter Egg hunt!




Thank you for such an amazing year! Good Luck to all our kiddos! Have a fun and safe summer!

With all our love,
Mrs. Nettie, Mrs. Debbie, & Mrs. Lisa


  1. How cute kids!! They are very talented too. Just look at these crafts made by them! You did fantastic job. Your way of teaching numbers to the students is just great. I’ll definitely try this in my Phoenix kindergarten class.