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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ms. Suzi's & Ms. Debbie's Pre-K

End of Year Activities

 Since our last blog, we've had some really fun weeks in the Ocean Room. 

Here is E week!

 Easter Baskets
 Using our Ears to guess what's inside the Egg.
 Hmmm...what could it be?

 Decorating Easter bags.
 Egg math Equations - how many Eggs are in the nest?

 Can you find 13 Eggs around the classroom?

 Q Week!

 Q-tip shapes
 What is this? A Question mark!  We talked a lot about questions and played 20 questions with show and tell this week.  I wish I had a picture.  The kids were really good at it!

 More Q-tip shapes
 Quarter toss - graphing how many times the quarter landed on heads or tails.
 Getting ready to write our names in Kindergarten!
 Lowercase Q.

 Quesadillas!  Yum!!

 Muffins with Moms! 

We love our moms and we're so thankful for all they do for our class! 

 Summer week. 

We talked about all the fun activities we can do in the summer to have fun and stay cool!

Camping and making smores! 

 Who's hiding in the tent?

End of year fun!

 Scale balancing.

 Mad Scientist!  How do different ingredients react with each other? Flour? Baking Soda, Water, vinegar, food coloring, hair gel?

 Crazy Hair Day!!

 Pajama Day!




What an exciting day!  They were all smiles!


We had a fantastic year!  We all learned a lot from each other, had fun and made great friends! 
Have a great summer and an amazing adventure next year in Kindergarten!  We will miss you all!!!


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