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Sunday, December 6, 2015

We're "hooked" on learning in the Ocean Room

with Ms. Suzi and Ms. Myrna

Our class gets so excited for science!  We love science experiments and science experiences.  Here are a few we've done lately!

Bubble Blowing

So fun!

Blowing up balloons with our lungs.

Not as easy as it looks!

I did it!

Balancing blocks with a level tool.

Is it level?

How does a level work?

I did it!

Ta da!

Almost balanced!

Green Monster Slime!

Purple monster slime!


Pumpkin hammering

What's inside a pumpkin? Let's explore!

Which pumpkin is the biggest?

Which pumpkin is the smallest?

Dinosaur Dig

Stegosaurus sculpture

Spinosaurus sculpture


Melting insects frozen in ice

Ice is cold!

Shake it to make ice-cream!

Do you like strawberry?

Yum!  Chocolate!

Which one is your favorite?


Strawberry, chocolate or banana? Which is your favorite?

This dog knows tricks!

Pet week

He's just a puppy.

Pet rats.  Their tails are so fun!

I've never held a rat before!

She's so cute!

Making our very own pizzas!


What do you like on your pizza?

Another fun puppy.

Red and white make pink!

Red and blue make purple!
The Ocean class is full of scientists in training!  We're having fun together exploring our world! 

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