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Thursday, December 3, 2015

In the FOREST room with Ms Laree & Ms Debbie MWF am

Welcome to the 3's!

Take a look at the fun things we are doing as we learn along the way.  We play, read, count, practice handwriting and much more.

Letter practice using "roll a dough"

Letter practice on white boards.
Letter H
More letter practice on white boards.
Story time!
Our fun Thanksgiving shirts.
Ms Debbie with her silly turkey hat.
Thanksgiving Feast
Working on "positioning" and still working on using glue properly.
Free play
Name practice
Name practice
Number 5
Counting turkey feathers - working with glue again
Shape graphing

We watched our lady bugs grow from larva to ladybug and then let them go outside.

Ladybug release
Mat man!
We use these wood pieces to build letters and numbers and they also build mat man.
Free play

We had a unit on shapes and colors.  The kids used toothpicks and marshmallows to build shapes.

More activities from our shapes and colors unit.  Rainbows and mixing colors with shaving cream

The kiddos learned what happens when you mix different colors together.

Snowball mitten counting.
Snowball mitten counting
Ice painting on an O and the #6

Fun snowman - counted 3 circles and used bubble wrap dipped in paint for snow

To get us ready for winter and Christmas we had a snowstorm in our classroom!  The kids dressed up in winter clothes (hats, scarfs and mittens) and we showered them with shaved ice.  They loved feeling how cold the ice was.  We then talked about opposites and served shaved ice and hot cocoa.  The hot cocoa was a favorite by all - maybe because we put marshmallows in it (:

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Love, Ms Laree and Ms Debbie

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