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Friday, March 24, 2017

The Space Room has been soaring to new heights again!  
We have been trying new things and 
celebrating what we have been learning.  
Take a peek at what has been happening in our part of the galaxy!
YEAH!  We are a hundred days smarter!  Celebrating a 100 days of Preschool!

Our 100 days of Preschool Poster! Each person glued on ten different items to make 100.
We earned 50 stars  as a class for extra good deeds and behavior and had a "Volcano party" to celebrate.
We made and painted clay volcanoes and erupted them, much to our delight!
Give us any supplies and we will build and create to our heart's content.  

                                                  STEM is for girls, too!  Even when carrying a purse:)
In celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday and our "G" activities we tried some green eggs and ham!
It is a Thumbs Up for green eggs and ham!

Say, the Space Room like green eggs and ham and will eat them anywhere!
Everyone tried the green eggs and liked them!

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