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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mrs. Eileen's P.M. 2's

Yay!  We are so happy to be filling up our walls with all the wonderful art projects done by our fabulous 2's!  Our tree is full of apple's, as we introduced the letter Aa two weeks ago.  These are no ordinary apples, we had the children spread glue on the apple color of their choice and sprinkle jello on them to create a nice textured look.  To quote one of our amazing 2's, "It smells like candy."  We also made number books and had the children place 1 apple sticker on the #1 page, 2 on the #2 page, etc... and finished off the week with an alligator puppet in honor of Ally Alligator our Zoophonics friend.  

You'll notice our busy bee's and butterflies flying around our trees!  The children painted the plates yellow and black and transformed them into our very own bee's.  The butterflies were made having them use markers to scribble scrabble designs on them and squirt water on them to create a beautiful watercolor butterfly.  Bubba Bear was honored making our very own bears out of paper plates painted brown. We had lots of fun watching them not only paint the plates, but their hands, arms and occasionally a cheek!  

The 2's have been quick to pick up on our routine and it has been a joy as they recognize when it's time for singing time, washing hands, snack time and closing circle time.  During our closing circle time we've been able to introduce them to signing the abc's and some new shapes as well.  It has been a joy for us to get to know each child and see their faces light up as they notice their family collages that we've decorated the walls with...We love, love, love being a part of each child's life...thank you for allowing us to be a part of their first learning experiences!

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