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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mrs. Nettie's Pre-K afternoon class

Hello from Ms. Nettie and Ms. Lisa :o)

     We are already 1/2 way through September and the children are learning with each passing day. We have focused on letter's A- D and enjoy concentrating on a letter a week. The children really enjoy the object hunt for the letter of the week. This activity really gets the children thinking. I have put out objects of a letter we have learned from a previous week and also the current letter we are working on. The children then need to decide what objects belong in the container marked "Aa" and what objects go in the container "Dd".  The children have created "beautiful butterflies" and redid an old classic. Butterfly, Butterfly, What do you see? I see a _______ looking at me. 

We also made "caterpillars" made out of the letter "C". Using two different color C's we had the opportunity to practice AB patterns as well. This week our focus was letter "D" and you might have noticed some ducks  popping up at home. The "beak" is made out of 2 letter D's. We named some actions words that our duck can do that start with the letter "D".  Dive, duck, dance, dip down, draw etc.... The children sure do get thinking about words  that begin with the letter "D". We also have started rhyming words and continue to review "opposites". 

Remembering September 11, 2001

Grandparent's Day was a blast!! We thank all our Grandparents for sharing that special day with us. We also had Grandparents that were not able to join us in our heart. A big "thank you" to Ms. Melissa our Music Specialist! She taught the awesome song that the class sang to their Grandparent's to the tune of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". She also sings a "Moose on the Loose" song that is the favorite of the class and myself. Thank you Ms. Melissa, you are AWESOME :o)

I really enjoyed the "All About Me" information that came back. The class created some personalized hanprints that came out so adorable! We hope to hang them in the hallway for parents to admire.

I know I've said this before, but your children are amazing and I enjoy each day with them. We have some special and funny moments throughout the day and Ms. Lisa and I find ourselves laughing along with the children :o)

Looking forward to sharing the holidays with them!

:o) Ms. Nettie and Ms. Lisa

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