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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ms. Gillian PM 3 year old Class :)

Nearly at the end of September already!!!  It's true what they say time really does fly when your having fun and we are certainly having lots of that in the Forest Room :)

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming some grandparents into our classroom to celebrate the very special occasion "Grandparents Day".  The kids loved having their grandparents in school with them and had fun showing them around our classroom before enjoying a muffin and juice together.  The kiddos performed their 2 special little songs which they had worked so hard to learn for the big day.  Before the grandparents left they were given a special little gift made with love from their little grandchildren.

Over the last couple of weeks we have covered 'Our Body' and 'Pets' units.  The kids loved learning all about their bodies from what made us move to the brain, heart and lungs... We worked on lots of fun activities around this unit.  Making a life size outline of each child and having them make the organs we had been focusing on with various art projects from puff painting brains to Qtip hand gluing...  The kiddos then put all the finished art projects onto their body outlines :) The children also had lots of fun looking at all the pairs we have on our bodies through our math projects.

While learning about 'Pets' we turned our little house into a Pet Shop which was a huge hit with the kids.  It was filled with toy animals, cash register and pet supplies.  During our Pet week as we had completed all our Zoo Phonics sounds (although we will continue to review them every afternoon to have them perfect for Pre K :) ) we began putting 2 or 3 letters/sounds together.  The whole class were so excited to 'read' the words "PET", "CAT" and "DOG" . We also practiced writing these words in shaving foam :) 
In Handwriting Without Tears,  Mat Man continues to be our favourite - i am asked at least once a week to do it.  They are experts at making mat man now and love to help put him together. Tap, tap, tap is a still a close second!!!

Ms. Laree, Ms.Debbie and myself feel so blessed to have such a wonderful class full of such sweet little children so keen to learn everyday. 


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