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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In Ms. Monica's three year old class we learned all about different pets and how to take care of them. We had a class pet shop with all types of animals and a vet office which provided excellent care for any pets that needed some TLC. We love feeding and caring for our class pet  "Radar" everyday. We especially like giving him his favorite treats- timothy hay, carrots and apples. He gives us a thank you by squeaking and peeking his toes out of the cage.

In Handwriting Without Tears we are learning all about big and little lines and big and little curves. We have learned that these lines can make all kinds of wonderful things! The kiddos were super creative from faces to suns, rockets, to flowers and everything else you can think of the kiddos imaginations were in high gear. We are just beginning to use these lines to make the letters of the alphabet.

We had a huge bug parade with our pairs that we made when we were learning the number two and matching. The kiddos were awesome at sorting colors and types. They showed how great they are at sharing when they needed a color or bug that someone else had they were quick to help their classmates.

Experimenting with colors and seeing what happens when we mix two primary colors together.  Hands on learning is what we are all about!  

We had a marvelous time with our Fabulous Family unit. We were able to take care of babies. Everyone loves the babies.  We counted the number of people in our families and made graphs to compare the size of our families. We have been busy making surprises and learning songs for our Grandparents Day celebration.  The kids were so proud of their grandparents and it was so apparent that the grandparents are proud of them too.

Buttoning up some fun with letter B



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