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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mrs. Nettie's Pre-K afternoon class

Welcome Back Totspot Preschooler's! I was so excited to come back to a classroom filled with smiling faces :o) Gisele is my youngest and is in Mrs. Gillian's class, she was the only one of my 3 children that could not wait to get back to school :o) 

We had such a great month continuing to learn about our alphabet letters. You might have noticed Ellie the Elephant which was made out of the letter "E", show up in your home. The children did a super job on decorating her with glitter and gems. We also made fancy Foot Faces to represent our focus on the letter "F". We have introduced "Number Bingo" which has made identifying numbers so much fun. The children are doing an amazing job at recognizing rhyming words during "story time". 

Donuts for Dad was an AWESOME experience for all.  The children were so excited to see the greatest Dad sitting next to them. I loved the reaction of the Dads as they read  a list of questions "All About Dad" which was filled out by their child. Really memorable moments made that afternoon.

We are now preparing for one of the most anticipated days of October.... Halloween. The children have made jeweled pumpkins this week. We will also be making decorated spider hats, Halloween abstract art, and enjoy some fun games for our Halloween party coming up on October 30/31. We have learned poems for the season.  The children enjoy "We are Pumpkins Big and Round" and we will be learning "The Skeleton's are Out Tonight."

This week we spent time on reviewing letters A-F and generating a list of words as a class that begin with each letter. Our class mini stories are always fun to create and the children are doing better and better with sounding out words and identifying letters. 

We also talked about the "Fall" season and discussed how the leaves are starting to change colors up North and in some other states. We had fun watching a science project of a tree forming crystals on it and growing through the 3 hours of class. One child said it looked like the trees in the "Lorax". We ended that day creating our very own Fall leaves. 

Enjoy the cooler weather as we enter the holiday season :o)

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