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Friday, September 20, 2013

Farm Room AM Blog

Welcome to the 2's Classroom!  

We've had an amazing week, as has the whole school!  We had a few special visitors, and we also got our pictures taken!  
Our week started off with Flamingos and Feathers, and then progressed to Firefighters and Firetrucks, finally finishing off with Fish.  

Tuesday/Thursday class with Firefighter Brent!
So, just to give an example for how our Tuesday went:

9:00 AM all of our kids arrived and started right into playing with whatever they found most engaging.  We had coloring pages of Firetrucks on the table and many of them colored masterpieces and then put them in their cubby.  (Most of the kids know where to find their cubbies now).

Dress ups!
9:40 AM We started cleanup a little early so we would have time for...
9:50 AM A short circle time (things that start with F; forks, feathers, fish, firefighters, farms) before...
10:00 AM Snack time so that we could be ready for...
10:20 AM Singing time with Ms. Sherry!
10:40 AM A little more play time while we wait for our Firefighter friend, Brent, to come visit.  (And diaper changes, but you don't really want to know about that...)
Listening to Firefighter Robert

11:10 AM A visit from Firefighter Brent (It was Firefighter Robert on Wednesday)!  He showed us his oxygen tank (it beeps LOUD) and his mask and helmet, finally putting all his gear on and letting everybody see and touch it.  Some of the kids were a little too scared to get close,  but they felt better when he took the mask off. :) Firefighters are our friend!
MWF class with fireman helmets that Firefighter Robert gave them
I have loved my first six weeks as a 2-Year-Old Teacher here at TotSpot.  Thank you for sharing your kids with me!

Ms. Marta

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