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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Post 9/4

Mrs. Laura's Ranch Class:

I would like to introduce my Super Duper Deputies and Darlings in the am Ranch Class!  Who would have thought all this learning could be so much fun?

In the Pre-K program, our day is structured in a way that keeps your children's mind engaged and expanding every minute they spend with us. We use lots of music, movement, and hands on manipulatives in our teaching. So the children don't realize their brains are really growing!

The kids enjoyed our sorting sement.  We gave them a variety of items (beans, buttons, rubber bugs), and asked them to separate them into groups by size color ect. 

We were given demo classes from Amazing Athletes and PuterBugs.

I wish I had ears like... This was a favorite center from our second week of school. 

Lunch is my favorite time of the day because we are relaxed and socializing without an agenda. I find myself laughing a lot!

We have started a Spotlight segment at the end of every week.  Each child gets to bring in an item of their choice to the classroom and be the center of attention.  Then, they explain to the class why that item is special to them. They really look forward to their turn to shine!

Last week, our friends from Kidtastic Dental came to the classroom. We learned how to care for our teeth. The kids went home with a bag of tools to help keep their mouths healthy.

This will be an amazing year!

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