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Friday, September 26, 2014

We've Been Busy!

Grandparent's Day!!!

 We have had a great 1st quarter!  I will start off by bragging about how wonderful our Grandparent's Day Celebration was!  Our Grandparent's are the BEST!  Each grandchild was able to give their grandparents a tour of our class, serve them yummy BOSA donuts, clean up their plates, have a favorite book read to them, and then they sang the best song to them!  We Love Our Grandparents!!!  What a wonderful day!!!

Our next adventure that I will be highlighting is our D & I week!  In our Pre-k room, we have 2 letters that we focus on for 2 weeks!  We do a lot of compare and contrasting sounds, structures and words that are each letters "favorites."  For D & I below, we have the students digging dinosaurs out of "rock" (plaster) just like real paleontologists do!  They thought it was hard work!  I enjoyed listening to them talk about what tools would be better to get the dinosaurs out.  I loved one suggestion to get their dads tools.  Yep, that would do it!  They are so creative and smart!!! 

 Above was another great treat!  We had some pet "Insects" because they are one of I's favorite things!  They loved to watch the small crickets jump and eat the apples and drink their yellow jello (which is what they called it.)  The conversations that we had were amazing!  They were able to draw the crickets and observe their body parts and actions!

 Here we are making Ice Cream!!!  I hope I tired them out by making them shake, shake, shake the bags! 

 Yes!  We got to enjoy our hard work!  As you can tell, it was delicious!  What a great way to end our 2 weeks of I & D!  

 Here is a great example of our Dinosaur Sculptures that we did.  This air dry clay will dry and then students will be able to paint them once they come back from Fall Break! 

 Have a wonderful Fall Break!  We will be back ready to play/create/invent/explore/learn/discuss/ponder after the break!  Be Safe!

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