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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Learning is FUN!! We love school!

Ms Laree and Ms Debbie's am 3's class in the Forest Room. (:

We are coming along in our learning journey.  The kids in our class are so fun to teach. They make progress everyday. We love to see them grow academically and socially.  We have introduced the letters in different ways making learning fun everyday.  Each week we introduce a new theme as well.  We are learning about leaves, fall, pumpkins and Halloween at this time.  We continue to practice the Pledge of Allegiance daily.

Learning the letter L by stamping with a big line and a little line.

Letter L magnet stamping

Letter L magnet stamping

Building the letter F using wood pieces (1 big line and 2 little lines)

The letter F on the chalk boards using the wet, dry, try method.

Working on name writing.

More letter F practice.

The number 9.
Handwriting practice.
Feather painting the letter F
Painting with corn makes neat patterns!
More corn painting.
Corn painting.
For our fall theme we have pumpkin pie play-doh.  It smells good!
Fun visit from our school bunny.
Her name isYork and she is super soft.
Handprint painting a crow.  We sang a song about scarecrows and then painted a crow.
The kids loved getting the paint all over their hands!
Look for these masterpieces on display outside our classroom.
Fun with math counting candy corns.
I just love their facial expressions!
After painting with corn we had to pop some corn!

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